CBS to take GSN’s World Series of Blackjack to Court

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The Ultimate Blackjack Tour (UBT) television program on CBS has filed suit against Game Show Network (GSN), alleging the cable network had breached an implied contract between the parties by using ideas from the Ultimate Blackjack Tour to revamp its own elimination blackjack program.

UBT is seeking an injunction to prevent GSN from using ideas they allege belong to UBT.

Some intellectual property attorneys believe case law and federal statutes may well be on the side of CBS-TV’s UBT, however it is thought lawyers for UBT will face an uphill battle attempting to get a decision in their favor.

The Business Press news site River Belle Casino quoted Sid Leach, a Phoenix-based attorney, as saying: “It looks pretty weak to me because, as far as I can tell, the claim for implied contract or breach of implied contract relies on some standard customs in the industry. UBT could win but they are facing an uphill battle.”

The World Series of Blackjack has finished filming its third season, with a fourth season already being planned. The first season of the Ultimate Blackjack Tour recently began screening on CBS.

UBT CEO Sanford Millar was confident his company would be successful in the lawsuit: “The Game Show Network’s changes will ultimately be determined to have arisen from our format and the presentations we made.”

GSN plans to vigorously defend the charges, but some analysts believe a settlement may be reached out of court.

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